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Michael Jackson. Dead.
A shock.
He wasn't very healty last time but... So early? With only 50 Years and 45 of them without any privaty...
Lookin' over everything back, he was a really great musican, artist... HE WAS A LIVING LEGEND!!!
So... I thougt that must be a joke when my mothe rtold it to me this morning... But it wasn't a joke... It's the sad, sad true...
A gread artist with many records is away now...
But of something we can be shure at all:
Such a talent will be missed BUT now he is moon-walking to a better place.

I doesn't like all of his music, but he was a genious...

And some of his many records:

-Jackson's Thriller remained at number one for thirty-seven weeks, the longest-ever stay by a non-soundtrack album and second only to West Side Story.[1]

-"Thriller" is the second-best-selling album in U.S. history, at 28 million. Only a greatest hits compilation by The Eagles has sold more.
Thriller is the only album in the United States to have sold more copies than any other in two separate years, topping the sales charts in 1983 and 1984.

-Jackson was the first artist to have seven Top 10 singles from one album (Thriller), a feat matched only by his sister Janet and Bruce Springsteen.

-Jackson was the first artist in the 1980s to have two simultaneous Top 5 hits ("Beat It" and "Billie Jean" on April 16, 1983).

-Jackson had nine number one singles in the 1980s, more than any other artist during the decade.

-On November 14, 1991, Michael Jackson’s music video, Black or White was broadcast simultaneously in 27 countries with an estimated audience of 500 million people. It is the largest audience ever to view a music video.

-In March 1991, Jackson signed a new record-breaking US$890 million contract by Sony. It is still the largest recording contract of all time.

-In 1986 Jackson signed a $15 million deal with Pepsi - it was the largest ever endorsement for product promotion.

-Jackson has more music awards than any other artist in the history of music.

-Named "Artist Of The Century" at the American Music Awards ceremony in 2002.

-Jackson's "Bad World Tour" (1987–1989) was the highest-grossing tour ever at the time, with over $125 million earned. This record was later broken by the "Dangerous World Tour" (1992-1993) and later broken again by the "HIStory World Tour" (1996-1997), which is still the biggest tour ever in terms of international attendance (4.4 million tickets outside of USA).

-The fastest ticket sales in history, with 700,000 tickets sold in about four hours for the cancelled "This Is It" tour in 2009.
Jackson is the fourth best selling artist of all time with over 750 million records sold. (First, second and third are as follows: 1. The Beatles, 2. Elvis Presley, 3. Bing Crosby)

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Submitted on
June 26, 2009